Let's Start-up - Ruse (SWE22- follow -up)

Let's Start-up - Ruse (SWE22- follow -up)

Let's Start-up - Ruse is asmall-scale - face to face event oriented to the local start-up community inthe region.

Instead of the standard formula "experts talk, entrepreneurs listen", we at Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry want to challenge ourselves and you by giving the word to start-ups and young entrepreneurs to share their needs and challenges.

A usual we will share current opportunities for support and training in the field of entrepreneurship, but we will also provide a space for open discussion and feedback and that can give impetus to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in region of Ruse.

The event will be held in two main panels:

1) Current opportunities and trainings:

Youth entrepreneurship - first steps.

• Social and inclusive entrepreneurship - networking;

• Women's entrepreneurship and experimental learning;

• Rural tourism and circular economy;

• What is CRM and how does it support marketing;

2) Local entrepreneurial ecosystem

Presentation of successful young entrepreneurs

• Open discussion - "How to start?" - needs and challenges for start-up businesses.

The event is suitable for:

• Small or start-up businesses

• Entrepreneurs with an idea at an early or advanced stage of development

• Business support organizations and experts

• Anyone who believes they have something to contribute to improving the local entrepreneurial ecosystem

placeholder 3A Tsar Ferdinand blvd., 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria Ruse,Bulgaria
placeholder June 16th 17:30 - 18:30
June 16th


Desislava Dimitrova
Expert EU projects and programmes

Expert European Project and Programsand at Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2012, I have been working on the topic of social and youthentrepreneurship for seven year now, promoting and supporting social innovationworking in international projects like ESII-European expert in social innovation incubation, Social ChallengeInnovation Platform, DESIRE and Better Incubation. I am reallypassionate about incubating good ideas into successful, sustainable andscalable business with impact. With my colleagues at RCCI we strive to supportinnovative, responsible and creative businesses to reach their full potential.

I am looking forwards #SEW22 as achance to meet young, motivated and passionate people, which need just a littlebit of support to change the world for the better. I am happy to be again partof this initiative and work for the development of the local entrepreneurialecosystem in Bulgaria and Ruse in particular.


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Svetoslav Minchev
Еxpert digital marketing
Svetoslav Minchev is an expert with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing and the development of online presence of organizations from different business domains. Initially, he started as a business consultant in Nemetschek Bulgaria, where he was involved in the marketing and sales of the company's customer relationship management (CRM) system. He then moved to a global web hosting and technology infrastructure company, where he received professional expertise in the field. This experience helped him start his own consulting business, which he has been developing successfully for the last 12 years
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Tsvetelin Nikolov
Business Development & Marketing manager at Taxist
Tsvetelin Nikolov Co- founder of Pleggi Tsvetelin Nikolov is a co-founder and co-owner of Pleggi - a digital solution for pre-selection of staff, based on established scientific methodologies (psychometry, neuroscience), modern technology (Machine Learning, Big Data) and gaming. The main goal of Pleggi is to assess the potential of candidates for a job in an interactive way, through a set of scientifically validated short online games that derive valuable metrics for their behavioral, personal characteristics (soft skills) and values. This information aims to help both jobseekers and employers by increasing the objectivity and efficiency in the pre-selection of staff. Tsvetelin is an extremely intelligent and energetic young man who has walked the difficult path of entrepreneurship and achieved remarkable results for his age. That is why RCCI turned to him to find out how one can become a young entrepreneur in Bulgaria and how organizations like ours can support other young people like him.
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Stela Dionisieva
Expert EU projects and programmes
Ms. Dionisieva has 15 years of experience in Project management and administrative implementation of various activities, especially in the field of youth and women entrepreneurship, adult training and professional research. She organizes events and activities related to the promotion of the results of different projects. Key skills and expertise in organizing various events, B2B forums, business missions for the business community located in the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region. She has extensive experience in projects implemented under cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes such as: CBC Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013; Interreg VA Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020, INTERREG Balkans-Mediterranean 2014-2020, Erasmus+, COSME, etc.
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Adjar Tarakchiev
Business Development Specialist
My name is Adjar Tarakchiev and I graduated in Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in England. I am interested in interesting business ideas and fast-growing innovations. I believe in the idea of Foodobox and proudly present them
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Iva Obreshkova
Business Development Specialist
My name is Iva Obreshkova and I am part of the Business Development Department at Foodobox. I am currently studying Entrepreneurship and Business Management in Sofia and I definitely have a passion for startups, innovative ideas and green businesses. I believe that a startup can grow as much as the desire for it.


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