SEW22 DAY 2 Athens - Public Sector & Startups - Women Entrepreneurs- Challenges & Opportunities

SEW22 DAY 2 Athens - Public Sector & Startups - Women Entrepreneurs- Challenges & Opportunities

On 8/6 we’ll be waiting for you for our second day of the SEW22 in Athens!

The registration starts at17:00, the Event will start at 17:30 and will end at 20:45

The day starts with State, tools, and Startups - Myths and Realities!

After the break and next on stage

Women entrepreneurs. What are the challenges and opportunities in today’s start-up ecosystem?

- State, tools, and Startups - Myths and Realities -

Christos Nikoloudis: CEO, Mantis Business Innovation & Head of Research at ESU NTUA

Nicole Savvina Kotronarou: Athens Digital Lab City of Athens

Pavlos P. Efthymiou: Director-General of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association

- Women Entrepreneurs - Challenges & Opportunities -

Nancy Mallerou, Ph.D. : Founder & CEO Nama Group

Athina Polina Dova: Coo & Co-Founder Owiwi/BOD Gi-Cluster Corallia

Iliada Evangelia Kothra: Founder Living Postcards - Greek Chapter Leader Nations of Women

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placeholder Serafio City of Athens Echelidon 19 & Pireos 144 Athens,Greece
placeholder June 8th 17:30 - 21:20
June 8th 17:00 / Registration 17:30 / Public Sector & Startups 19:00 / Break 19:15 / Women Entrepreneurs- Challenges 20:45 / Networking & Chill


John Foundis
Growth Hacker


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Serafio City of Athens
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Audio Group
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Stabatos Printings
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Amaze S.A.
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Nicolas Kouniniotis - Creative Studio
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Business Daily


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Athina Polina Dova
Coo & Co-Founder Owiwi/BOD Gi-Cluster Corallia
Athina Polina Dova is the Coo & Co-Founder of Owiwi but also serves at the BOD of Gi-Cluster Corallia. Fortune Magazine 40 under 40 list, International Women Entrepreneur Award 2017, Greek International Women Awards (Entrepreneurship Category) 2018 , Female Role Model of the Year 2019 Global Startup Awards. For the last year he has been involved in the creation of vocational guidance, employment and empowerment programs in child protection institutions through the Mum Institute action.
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Nancy Mallerou, Ph.D
Founder & CEO Nama Group
The leading Business Coach, Dr. Nancy Mallerou, has taught Marketing and Communication at Panteion University for over a decade and is a proven successful entrepreneur, founder of the Nama Group, and previously tested in the highly demanding work environments of multinational companies.
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Iliada Evangelia Kothra
Living PostCards CEO - Nations of Women, Greek Cha
I was born in Athens. I have studied advertising and marketing. Founder of www., a global platform project started in 2012, at a time of deep economic and political crisis, out of the need to change the world's perspective of Greece.The platform has organized 22 events to support young entrepreneurs through speeches and popustores. I write articles about women's empowerment and leadership on sites and magazines such as ThriveGlobal, Bored Panda, Travelling Girl, Huffington Post, Adorn, The Great Leaders.Author of two published books, a keynote speaker, chapter leader of the global organization ''Nations of Women'' and founder of the #dontacceptit campaign against domestic violence.
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Pavlos P. Efthymiou
Director General at Hellenic Entrepreneurs Associa
Director General of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (E.EN.E), and a member of the Board of Directors (eo). He is, furthermore, an Executive Advisor at the Athens Medical Group, in matters of growth, new business, strategy and innovation and participates as an independent, non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Gizelis Robotics. He has studied politics, economics and international relations in the Universities of Bath and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He combines work experience in business and policy consulting, principally in the UK and Belgium where he lived for thirteen years (2007-2020). Before joining the Athens Medical Group, Mr. Efthymiou was the Policy Manager of Institution Quraysh in London.
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Nicole Savina Kotronarou
Project Manager, Athens Digital Lab
Today, Nikoletta coordinates the Athens Digital Lab, the technological innovation hub of the City of Athens for smart-city solutions. As the Project Manager of the accelerator, she supports the municipality on the transformation of Athens into a sustainable city, together with deep tech startups, researchers, the citizens and innovative organizations, enhancing the model of participatory governance and open innovation. In parallel, she acts as a marketing-communications consultant and innovation strategist in projects related to sustainable development and womens' entrepreneurship. Even before her current role, she has always had an undiminished interest in innovation, entrepreneurship and new technologies. In her spare time, she is a guest writer at and HuffingtonPost Greece, while her interests include the study of neuroscience, foresight and leadership
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Christos Nikoloudis
CEO, Mantis & Head of Research at ESU NTUA
With a background that combines both research and startups, Christos is devoted to applying product innovation in new ventures, while acting as a startup community builder for the innovation ecosystem. A Mechanical Engineer by degree and a true entrepreneur by nature, he is the Founder & CEO at Mantis Business Innovation and a Fortune’s 40 under 40 finalist. His expertise lies also in green innovation and finance since he has been deeply involved with various entrepreneurial green initiatives and the financial and risk analysis of the Hellinikon investment during his PhD. Thesis.


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